Life science companies, like most others, need a good internet marketing strategy in order to stay in business.  In the recent past, companies simply needed a website to expand their name onto the growing landscape of the internet.  Now there is an ever increasing importance for social media marketing, specifically, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is among the most high traffic social media websites on the internet, a main reason for companies to have an active profile is to get in front of more people.  Instead of missing out on the multitudes of prospective consumers, the best bet is to go where the traffic already exists.  In any industry, success of a company or brand depends on how many leads are continually generated.  Social websites are a ready made source for lead generation for any company, but LinkedIn specifically allows a business to gain access to more potential customers.

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A second reason for using LinkedIn would be the development of familiarity.  When someone thinks about a product or service, the names that pop into their head first are all the well known brands.  This is because these known brands made it an important priority to become familiar to the customer.  However companies involved in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical devices do not always leverage this concept to their advantage.  That is fast becoming more of a mistake, since the success of the life science industry will now rely more heavily on how many people are familiar with them through their traditional marketing efforts.

Another reason why life science companies will benefit from considering social media is to keep track of customer feedback.  Along with the first two reasons related to new customer acquisition, the importance of customer retention is just as high.  LinkedIn can help greatly in this department, as it allows faster and more widespread communication from customers in relation to opinions and even complaints about products.  This new level of feedback allows for more effective improvements in products and services.

After consideration of these three reasons for life science companies to use LinkedIn, a better overall picture is gained about the role of this website platform in the marketing of such companies. As the internet age continues to develop at warp speed, there is an ever increasing demand for a business in the life science industry to make good use of the opportunities available in LinkedIn.

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