blogging tipsAdding a blog to your website should be one of your first steps to attracting more targeted traffic. That’s because blogging works for life science marketing. Research from Hubspot tells us that companies that blog have 55% more visitors97% more inbound linksand 434% more indexed pages.

Here are a few important blogging tips that will help you achieve the best ROI:

1) Create remarkable content. Create relevant blog content for your target audience that interests them, answers a question, or solves a problem. Use content marketing to distribute interesting, engaging content throughout the Internet via your blog, and watch as your audience finds your content in searches and social networks and begin visiting your site.

2) Optimize your content. Make sure to implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for all your blog posts. For example, adding long-tail keywords for your target audience to the title of the article. For more specifics on SEO, check out the free whitepapers and ebooks on SEO at Hubspot.

3) Avoid self-promotion. Your audience isn’t going to be interested in a blog entry that’s really more like an ad for your business. Create interesting blog posts that you would want to share with coworkers and colleagues if you were the reader.

4) Create whitespace. Don’t write long paragraphs that form into big blocks of text. The more whitespace you have in your blog post, the easier it will be for the reader to quickly scan the article. Trey creating numbered lists to make your points, bulleted lists to outline steps, and section headers to break up topics.

5) Add an image. A relevant image will make the article more interesting to the reader. Also, using your long-tail keyword as the alt text for the image will add more punch to your SEO.

6) Add tags. Adding 1-3 tags makes it very easier for someone to find what they’re looking for on your blog. Use the tag to summarize the topic of the blog post.

7) Post regularly. Make sure to blog at least once per week. You want the search engines to crawl your site on a regular basis and send traffic for all the long-tail keywords you’re adding to your site.

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