So you’re working on marketing for your calibration and validation services business because you want to grow revenue. Specifically, you want to acquire new customers. Maybe the traditional methods like sales calls, emails blasts, and referrals aren’t working so well right now. Don’t forget about inbound marketing!

Inbound Marketing (a.k.a. Internet marketing) is a great opportunity to drive targeted customers to your website. These are folks who are already researching calibration and validation services online. What if you could get their attention while they are doing the research, convince them to go to your website, then term them into qualified leads and sales? And what if this process cost less than paid advertising and other traditional marketing efforts? That’s what inbound marketing is all about. Consider the following tips as a starting point for your inbound marketing process.

Use inbound marketing to grow revenue

1) Keywords. Start here. Use a keyword tool like Hubspot Keyword Tool or Google Adwords, to identify keywords used by your target market when they search the Internet for your services. Identify several long-tail keywords. These are specific terms, usually 2-5 words that accurately describe your business services. For example, “calibration and validation services” is a long-tail keyword that will attract a more targeted audience than a more general keyword such as “calibration”.

2) BloggingMake sure your website has a blog and start creating content that solves a problem for your target market, leading them back to your blog/website. Incorporate your long-tail keywords into your blog content to get it picked up by the search engines and put in front of the people who are already searching for the services you provide.

3) Social Media Marketing. Promote your new content in social media channels, to engage your social media audience and share your message with more people than you would with blogging alone. LinkedIn and Twitter are both popular in the life science space.

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