George delivered excellent results to help us appreciate the intricacies of using LinkedIn in B2B marketing. He developed clear recommendations and a strong rationale that shaped the company’s Social Media marketing plan. I’d recommend him as an objective and thorough source for information pivotal when determining any best course.”
– Mike Weitz, Marketing Director, Cytel Inc.


NSF Pharmalytica
“George Toolan has been instrumental in improving SEO for one of NSF’s Health Science Businesses, NSF Pharmalytica. Through careful selection of key words and phrases, George has successfully turned from a website that featured way down on google search to PAGE 1. Thanks to his thoroughness, professional nature and flexibility, I would gladly select his organisation to work with NSF International again in the future. I’d have no hesitancy in recommending George Toolan for SEO Optimization.”

– Heather Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager Global Health Sciences at NSF International


“George Toolan of Empirical Life Science Marketing was able to add and update our URLs, meta keywords, titles, and descriptions for over 70 of our website content pages. Due to his science background, the wording used perfectly matched the keywords we wanted to improve. We truly appreciate all of the hard work George has done on the RayBiotech website, blog, as well as his helpful consultation with our other marketing campaigns (email newsletters, press releases, etc.). There has been an increase of page views to our website and a better presence in Google search results.”
– Will Naclerio, E-Marketing and Product Manager, RayBiotech


TGA Sciences, Inc. 
“I met George at an industry event and immediately found him to be knowledgeable in the areas of business development and marketing.  George reviewed our Google AdWords campaign and suggested changes that we feel will really pay off in future sales for the company.  He has exhibited a real understanding of the campaigns that we have in place and are delighted by his suggestions, enthusiasm and personal service.  Since then, we have hired George on a consultant basis to upgrade our campaigns and we look forward to a long fruitful relationship with George and his company.”

– Michael Settles, Owner, TGA Sciences, Inc.