Cytel Inc. is a leading provider of clinical trial software and services primarily for the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and academic and government research markets. Cytel understood the value that social media could add to their marketing program and they wanted to better understanding their customers and markets within the context of LinkedIn. Specifically, they wanted to find the tools available to monitor and send alerts when certain key words came up in LinkedIn discussion groups. They also wanted to become more familiar with LinkedIn groups related to regional bio-centers in theU.S.


After confirming the search parameters with Cytel,  Empirical conducted internet research to identify the tools available to monitor key words in LinkedIn discussion groups, including dialogue with experts in social media user groups. Additionally, Empirical leveraged expertise in the LinkedIn platform to search for all major LinkedIn groups related to regional bio-centers.


Empirical was able to confirm that that the monitoring tool desired by Cytel had not yet been created, while providing Cytel with a detailed rational for the findings. Additionally, Empirical provided Cytel with four alternative recommendations to move them toward the type of monitoring that would help them stay competitive in their market. Empirical also identified all major LinkedIn groups related to regional bio-centers, helping their sales and marketing personnel to stay on top of industry topics and sales leads. Furthermore, Empirical provided the added benefit of a list of active LinkedIn groups related to Cytel’s business that had been discovered while searching with keywords provided by Cytel.

Services Fulfilled:

• Social Media Marketing

• Market Research

George delivered excellent results to help us appreciate the intricacies of using LinkedIn in B2B marketing. He developed clear recommendations and a strong rationale that shaped the company’s Social Media marketing plan.

I’d recommend him as an objective and thorough source for information pivotal when determining any best course.”

Mike Weitz
Marketing Director
Cytel Inc.