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Denise Patnod is a highly trained and licensed acupuncturist creating positive outcomes for patients throughout Massachusetts since 1999. Her practice is located inHarvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Denise was interested in building her client base and she needed help attracting new clients in the local marketplace.


Empirical started by focusing on the local customer, working with Denise to reposition her social media presence, engage groups sharing her interest in acupuncture, and build a large number of local, targeted connections. Additionally, Empirical worked with Denise to get listed on all the local search sites using complete and consistent information. Empirical also created a blog for Denise. Then Empirical conducted market research on the local competition and recreated Denise’s vintage website to showcase her unique advantage in the local marketplace with pages containing relevant, SEO friendly content and an attractive, contemporary look.


Denise is now in a position to make some serious inbound marketing progress for her business. She is now listed on all the local search sites and she has hundreds of targeted followers in the social media space. Not to mention she has a great new website and blog. Judging from the social media evidence, her brand messages are spreading.

Services Fulfilled:

• Social Media Marketing

• Market Research

• Marketing Strategy

• Content Marketing

• Website development


“George Toolan is a skilled marketing consultant and he has been a pleasure to work with. He knows the ins and outs of using social media to grow brand recognition. George is also professional, intelligent, and creative.

George set up and taught me numerous ways to effectively build my online presence, attract new customers, and grow my network. Not to mention he built me a wonderful new website and blog for my acupuncture business. I highly recommend George for creating and maximizing your online strategy.”

Denise Patnod, Licensed Acupuncturist
Owner, Acupuncture Clinic

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