The Swivel


The Swivel is an innovative medical device used to transfer people with limited mobility from one seated position to another. It is very safe, easy to use, small enough to carry with one arm, and affordable, making it ideal for use in the home, in healthcare facilities, and much more. Before Empirical’s involvement, The Swivel already had a good website and several homemade product/instructional videos of excellent quality. However, they were struggling to sell the product. They were getting most of their business from face-to-face selling and referrals from some of their videos posted on YouTube.


Empirical conducted competitive research in the patient transfer device marketplace, then developed a marketing strategy based on repositioning the brand, adding clear copy messaging, and creating a robust social media presence. The branding was supported by updating the logo, consolidating the brand name from two different names to one, and repositioning videos on YouTube to create a consistent brand message across marketing platforms. Additionally, Empirical created an engaging social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, including connections with numerous targeted groups and generation of hundreds of targeted followers.


Within the first two months of working with Empirical, The Swivel enjoyed a social media platform superior to all the competition, a significant increase in website traffic, and 50% increase in online sales.

Services Fulfilled:

• Market Research

• Marketing Strategy

• Copywriting

• Brand Positioning & Messaging

• Social Media

“From the beginning George demonstrated a strong understanding of our product and our market. He did a great job of explaining what he thought we needed to do for social media in clear, simple, and concise language. George also did a good job of keeping the project focused. We had several ongoing discussions about options for accomplishing our goals, allowing best ideas to float to the top while allowing me to feel like my opinion had been heard. His consultation was thoughtful and very practical. George then created a consistent brand presence for The Swivel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube…from zero to now hundreds of qualified fans followers.

George’s insightful strategic focus combined with on-time/on-budget tactical execution made him a pleasure to work with. If I ever had to do a social media marketing project for another product, George would be the first person I’d call.”

Howard Bailes,
President, The Swivel

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