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When a life science company starts looking into hiring a CMO, where do they start…and how does CMO marketing fit in to the process? The company will likely explore traditional options such as considering the pros and cons of a CMO they may have used in the past, and they will also likely ask business associates who they use and why. However, research from Hubspot suggests that buyers are spending more time engaging with internet marketing, using the internet and related media to learn about products and services that meet their needs. In this example, the starting point for a CMO search could be a Google search using keywords like “contract manufacturing organization”.

I was just reviewing a list of 80 contract research & manufacturing organization members of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. In a Google search for “contract manufacturing organization”, none of the CMO’s showed up on the first page for organic or pay per click search results.


Below is an abbreviated version of the list.

CambridgeBiomedical Inc.
Cardiovascular Clinical Studies, Inc.
Catalent Pharma Solutions
CE3, Inc.
Certus International
Chemic Laboratories, Inc.
Clinquest, Inc.
CNH Technologies, Inc.
Covance Inc.
CSCS Corporation
Cyprotex Discovery Limited
Diagnosearch Life Sciences, Inc.
Elucida Research LLC
Exemplar Pharma LLC
Formatech, Inc.
Gallus Biopharmaceuticals LLC
Gentris Corporation
GLSynthesis, Inc.
Huntingdon Life Sciences
Hybrid Silica Technologies, Inc.
i2 Chem, Inc.
Laureate Biopharma
Lonza Biologics, Inc.
MedChem Partners
Microtest Laboratories, Inc.
NERI (New EnglandResearch Institutes, Inc.)
NSF Pharmalytica Services
Organix, Inc.
Overbrook Scientific Inc.
P.P. Manufacturing Corporation
Paragon Biomedical
PAREXEL International Corp.
PCI Synthesis
Pharmalucence, Inc.

How can these CMO’s get found by the buyers who are searching for their services online?

Here are two suggestions:

1) Work on Organic Search Results. Make sure you have a blog on your website and start creating interesting online content that solves a problem for your target market and leads that back to your website. Optimize the content to include keywords for your target market so it gets picked up by search engines and ranked on the first page of a search. Post content regularly, at least 1x/week. Don’t forget to also share that content on social media accounts, to reach a wider audience. LinkedIn is a popular social media channel for biotech.

2) Experiment with Pay Per Click Advertising. Try running a pay per click campaign for your keywords in any or all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing). It can generate some great targeted traffic for your CRO. Check out Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter for pricing and other details. Since Google is the most popular search engine, you may want to start there. Keep in mind, organic search will require a greater investment of time, but will also provide a greater ROI (organic search content stays on the web indefinitely while pay per click ads only last for as long as you run the ad).

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