research products and instrumentationThousands of buyers in the life science space are already searching for research products and instrumentation online every month. Want these buyers to find your products and instruments? Start building a great content marketing strategy.

A content marketing strategy invovles creating interesting, search-friendly content that solves a problem for your target market and leads them back to your website where you have solutions.SEOBlogging, and social media marketing are the specific tactics you can utilize to execute your strategy.

Blogging –  Start by adding a blog to your website. Blog posts that are interesting to your target market and published regularly will attract targeted customers. Good blog articles build trust with potential customers by providing valuable information or solving a problem. Also, Search engines see each blog article as a separate page containing unique content on your site…so all the better for your website ranking!

SEO – Search engine optimization (SEO) involves more than simply adjusting title tags and meta information on your website. Each blog article needs to be optimized correctly in order to get found in search engines. It involves factors such as the use of effective keywords in the title and body of the article, a good meta description, and the use of images. The inbound links generated by your oustanding blog articles will also help your website ranking.

Social Media Marketing – A well-planned social media marketing strategy can add more momentum to the efforts you make with blogging and SEO. Sharing your blog articles on social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook can help you to get more eyes on your fresh content, leading interested viewers back to your website. Combine the blog post sharing strategy with social media monitoring and participation in relevant social media conversations, and now your really engaging your target audience.

Consider this short list of companies I pulled from the Massachuseets Biotechnology Council website. They sell research products and instrumentation: Associates of Cape Cod, Inc., Aushon Biosystems, Inc., Biocius Life Sciences, BioPhysics Assay Laboratory, Inc. (BioPAL), BioScale, Inc., Boston Biochem, Inc., Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Capralogics, Inc., Cell Sciences, Cell Signaling Technology, Cellectis bioresearch, Cisbio US Inc., CytonomeST, LLC, Differential Proteomics, Inc., EMD Millipore, Enzymatics, Inc., Exalpha Biologicals, Inc, Genetic Services, Inc., Gentronix, GnuBIO, Inc., Helicos BioSciences Corporation, Hepregen Corporation, HighRes Biosolutions Inc, Immunetics, Inc., Intelligent Bio-Systems, Inc., Izon Science US Ltd, MASY SYSTEMS INC., MBL International, Modular Genetics, Inc., Mouse Specifics, Inc., Nantero, Inc., Nexcelom Bioscience, Novozymes, Nuclea Biotechnologies, One Cell System, PERCIVIA LLC, Pressure BioSciences, Inc., PrimeraDX, Inc., RainDance Technologies, Inc., Rapid Micro Biosystems, Inc., ReSurfX Inc., Sage Science, Inc., SciLog, Inc., Seahorse Bioscience Inc., Sensitech Inc., SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Can you guess how many of these companies have a blog? Of those companies with blogs, how many do you think are optimizing articles for search engines? How many are sharing the blog content with a social media audience?

Good content marketing builds trust with customers searching for research products and instrumentation by providing valuable insights and information. Consistent blogging combined with SEO and social media promotion builds brand awareness and visitor loyalty.

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