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Was just reviewing information about diagnostics companies listed as members of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. After reading several company profiles, I was able to put together a diagnostics marketing list of keywords that prospects might use to search for the products and services of these companies online. Here it is:

in vitro diagnostic kits, molecular diagnostics company, genomic test, diagnostic tests, clinical diagnostics service testing laboratory, genetic testing, personalized medicine, systems pharmacology, molecular fingerprinting, molecular diagnostic tests, molecular laboratory services, therapeutics,  biomarkers, gene expression analysis, clinical laboratory tests, carrier screening, diagnostic medical imaging

So let’s say you think it would be a good idea to use (or add) some of these keywords to your marketing program. The next question might be…

How can my diagnostics company implement an effective Internet marketing campaign using these keywords?

Here are 3 tips to get started:

1) Keyword ResearchStart here. Use a keyword tool like Google Adwords to identify popular keywords (like the keywords mentioned above) used in searches by your target market(s).

2) Blogging. Make sure your website has a blog and start creating online content that solves a problem for your target market, leading them back to your blog/website. Incorporate your keywords (and additional SEO strategies) into your content to get it in front of the people who are already searching for your product, or a similar product.

3) Social Media. Promote your new content in social media channels, to engage your social media audience and reach a larger market. LinkedIn is particularly popular in the biotech space.

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