environmaental servicesUsing internet marketing to grow revenue should be part of the the foundation for your environmental services marketing program. Whether you provide asset management, waste disposal, inspections, chemical packing, recycling, training, industrial services, emergency response, decontamination, or other environmental services, driving targeted traffic to your website is an important part of developing new leads. And whether you work with biotechnology companies, health care facilities, or educational institutions, converting leads to sales is critical for growing revenue.

3 Tips to Jumpstart your Internet Marketing Strategy:

1) Keyword Research. Start here. Use a keyword tool like Hubspot Keyword Tool or Google Adwords, to compare metrics for keywords (like the ones mentioned above) used in searches by your target market. Identify several long-tail keywords to use for your target market. Long-tail keywords are specific terms, usually 2-4 words that accurately describe your business services. For example, “environmental services consulting” is a long-tail keyword that will have very different search results compared to a shorter, broader keyword like “consulting”.

When comparing the metrics for these keywords you”ll notice the monthly search volume will be lower for the long-tail keyword than they will be for shorter, broader keywords. That’s OK. Even though the monthly search volume is lower, that long-tail keyword does a better job of accurately describing your business, and it will attract more targeted traffic to your website…people who are more likely to become leads. Also, since fewer websites are competing for this type of long-tail keyword, it will be easier for it to rank high in the search engines.

2) Blogging. Make sure your website has a blog and start creating online content that solves a problem for your target market, leading them back to your blog/website. Incorporate your long-tail keywords into your blog content to get it picked up by the search engines and put in front of the people who are already searching for your product, or a similar product.

3) Social Media Marketing. Promote your new content in social media channels, to engage your social media audience and reach a larger market. LinkedIn is particularly popular in the life science space.

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