The answer is definitely…with caution.

Why Definitely?

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world…pharmaceutical companies need to be on there.  According to their own statistics, Facebook is currently reporting more than 800 million active users. By the way, Facebook, is also the world’s most visited website, according to data released by Google (YouTube came in second, while Google humbly excluded themselves due to their own selection criteria). For more on this, check out Huffington Post.

So just about everyone (and his/her family, friends, and colleagues) are visiting Facebook. Therefore, your free, easy to set up company profile needs to be part of your marketing plan…for all of your customers, prospects, and industry decision leaders to see.

Not convinced? Consider one other really good reason. Facebook’s introduction of ‘Community Pages,’ which pull content from Wikipedia. If your company has a Wikipedia entry, there’s a good chance Facebook has created a page for your company, containing content you may have no control over. Checking Facebook for community pages related to your pharmaceutical company will give you the opportunity to replace them with pages and content that you will have a lot more control over.

Coming soon…Part 2 of 2…Why with Caution?

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