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Pay per click advertising with any or all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) can generate some great targeted traffic for your life science marketing. Check out Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter for pricing and other details. Since Google is the most popular search engine, you may want to start there.

The basic idea is to bid on a keyword phrase relevant to your target market. You create an account with a service like Google Adwords that allows you to compete against other advertisers in an automated private auction hosted by Google. Each advertiser chooses the maximum amount that he or she is willing to pay for an ad with his keyword(s) each day. When someone searches that keyword on Google, the advertisers with the highest bid win paid ad spots on the search engine result page. It is a pay-for-performance model, so advertisers pay only when a prospect clicks on his ad and is redirected to his website.

Here’s an example: you run a marketing firm that serves the life science industry and you want to send more qualified visitors to your website. Sign up for an account with Google Adwords and select a few keywords you think your prospects would use to search for your services such as “life science marketing”. Let’s say the bid for your keywords range from about $1.50-3.00 per click and you start out with a budget of $10/day. This scenario could translate to 4-5 qualified visitors to your site per day.

Google provides tools within your Adwords account for you to track the progress of your campaign. The tracking also allows you to experiment with different keywords to improve your results over time.

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