Journal of Visualized Experiments

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the new headquarters for the Journal of Visualized ExperimentsJoVE, in Cambridge, MA. JoVE is an online research journal employing visualization to increase reproducibility and transparency in biological, medical, chemical and physical research…and It’s the first scientific video journal. JoVE explores video opportunities for both academic institutions and life science companies.

What I learned

Interesting Fact #1 Jove has 1542 articles published, and all of these videos are peer reviewed and indexed in PubMed!

Interesting Fact #2 JoVE addresses two major challenges in the life science research community:  1) low transparency and poor reproducibility of biological experiments and 2) time and labor-intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques. By taking advantage of video technology to capture the intricacies of life science research, JoVE is able to help the scientific community facilitate the understanding and reproduction of both basic and complex experimental techniques.

Interesting Fact #3 JoVE will film and produce your video. In most cases, the video component is produced in house by a professional team of science and video editors. JoVE films the video in your lab and handles all pre- and post-production. JoVE has a network of video production sites set up in several major cities around the USA and abroad.

Interesting Fact #4 Your video doesn’t have to be a novel technique. JoVE publishes both novel techniques, novel applications of existing techniques, and gold standard protocols. Their primary publication criterion is whether the protocol will be useful for other scientists.

Interesting Fact #5 Check out the long list of published institutions. Hundreds of scientific institutions have have already contributed to these video articles.

Interesting Fact #6 Check out this cool promotional YouTube video that’s also on their website.

Interesting fact # 7 JoVE has an engaging blog worth reading.

Interesting fact #8 – JoVE is a great resource for Life Science Companies. While the majority of articles are created by academic institutions, JoVE also accepts articles from life science companies based on criteria such as scientific validity and degree of usefulness to the scientific community. If an article is accepted and a video is produced, the company can use all or part of the video in promotional materials.

JoVE also has options to leverage their videographer network for commercial videos. A life science company can work with JoVE to produce a commercial video at a very competitive price.


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