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Meeting revenue goals can be challenging for life science marketing. Research from Hubspot suggests many companies face one or more of these specific challenges: 1) not growing as fast as they want to 2) Losing market share to competitors 3) spending a lot of money on their website, but not generating an ROI.

The research also suggests that a few specific metrics are often most important to companies looking to achieve revenue goals. These metrics are traffic, leads, sales, and improvement over time.

How do you overcome these challenges while staying focused on metrics that are most important for meeting your revenue goals?

Here are a few tips to stay on track:

1) Blogging This has the most direct impact on traffic to your site. Make sure you have a blog on your website and post content frequently and consistently. Publish content that solves a problem for your target market and make sure it is optimized with keywords for your target audience, so that it get’s picked up by the search engines. The more effort you put into this process, the more target visitors you will drive to your website.

2) Create offers. Offers, together with supporting material such as landing pages, have the most direct impact on lead generation. That is to say, once the targeted prospect visits your site, the offers, landing pages, and call’s to action will entice him/her to provide contact information in return for the offer, turning him into a new lead!

3) Lead nurturing. Automated lead nurturing campaigns will serve to move your new lead down the sales funnel, from one type of offer to the next in the sales cycle.

4) Marketing analytics. The process of analyzing what works and what doesn’t work allows you to make improvements and invest your time and money where you see the greatest results.

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