Mass Device

(Mass Device co-founders Brian Johnson and Brad Perriello. Photo courtesy of Bostonia magazine.)

Mass Device (The Massachusetts Medical Devices Journal LLC) desribes itself as “the online journal of the medical devices industry, providing day-to-day coverage of the devices that save lives, the people behind them, and the burgeoning trends and developments within the industry”. Mass Medic co-founders Brian Johnson and Brad Perriello (pictured above) are the driving force behind this great online resource for the medical devices industry, including the subject of medical device marketing.

What I like about this website. It’s very easy to navigate, and the home page captures all the key categories that I’d like to see at a glance, such as Latest Feature, Latest News, Most Popular, Latest Jobs, Recent Blog Posts, and Most Emailed. Also, right at the top of the homepage, you’re provided with an easy way to sign up for the RSS feed and weekly newsletter, follow them on Twitter, and check out more information about them on LinkedIn. Furthermore, the site has a searchable directory of medical device companies and service providers in the northeastern United States. Well done Mass Device!

What I don’t like about this website. Nothing really. This is one of the best websites I’ve seen for the life science industry. Check it out today

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