The other day I had an interesting conversation with Claire Zielinski, Owner of Biotech Call, a startup providing professional phone marketing services for the St. Louis Life Science Community. Claire is a passionate biotechnology marketing expert. Her 28 years of experience in B2B marketing coupled with a biotech education, enabled her to recognize these services were lacking in the St. Louis life science community.

Unlike retail telemarketing, Claire makes discrete, unscripted, professional and personalized phone calls. Conversations are molded to create a dynamic, two-way, on-going dialog throughout the long sales cycle of the B2B biotech products.


Lead Management Services include:

  • Identify “sales ready” leads to focus time, energy, and efforts on immediate sales
  • Cross-selling products and services to an existing customer database
  • Engage long-ranged customers in an on-going dialog
  • Notify customers of published papers, regulatory approvals, and product innovations
  • Gather “sales intelligence” to plan real-time, customer-based marketing strategies
  • Determine sales roadblocks so marketing strategies can pivot accordingly

Database Maintenance Services include:

  • Prevent data decay by monitoring and amending inevitable changes in existing databases
  • Assure emails and online marketing messages reach a working destination
  • Segment house-lists for future marketing campaigns
  • Define the buying channel: identify, define, and target decision maker(s)
  • Score leads and schedule follow up based on future sales readiness

I’m not getting anything for writing this article. I just think Claire is offering a valuable service for the life science industry. If you’re interested in learning more about these services, visit or contact Claire at: Phone: 314-258-6411, Email:

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