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A well-planned social media marketing strategy within the life science industry can add more momentum to your marketing efforts by creating extra buzz and sales for your business. It doesn’t matter whether your company is involved with drug development, bioinformatics, human resources, or any other business in the life sciences. You can be sure your competitors are using social media marketing, and so you need to get involved as well…whether you like it or not. That’s why sharing content and engaging with a targeted audience on social media sites like LinkedInTwitterFacebook and YouTube should be an important part of your marketing program.

The goal is to establish your social media presence in the life science space and then keep it growing. It’s an ongoing strategy. You can accomplish this goal gradually over time by creating blog content, sharing that content with your social media audience, monitoring social media conversations, and contributing to relevant conversations within your area of expertise. Contributing content that solves a problem for your target audience and engaging in relevant discussions over time also positions you as a expert in your subject area.

If you want to grow your audience faster, consider creating one or more social media campaigns. Examples of social media campaigns include special events, promotions, contests, and surveys that can be delivered through social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn. They’re designed to build brand awareness and customer loyalty, and boost sales.

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