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Anyone providing Regulatory Affairs Consulting services should be implementing good SEO practices for online content. You can be sure your competitors are.

Since consumers are spending more time than ever on the Internet researching services and making purchasing decisions, it’s important that your business shows up in the searches and online networks right along with your competitors. This is where SEO comes in handy.

3 SEO Tips to Get Started

1) Try some keyword research to identify several long-tail keywords to use for your target market. Long-tail keywords are specific terms, usually 2-4 words that accurately describe your business services. For example,“regulatory affairs consulting” is a long-tail keyword that will have very different search results compared to broad keywords like “regulatory affairs” or “consulting”.

When comparing the metrics for these keywords in a tool such as Hubspot Keyword Tool or Google Adwords, you”ll notice the monthly search volume will be lower for the long-tail keyword, “regulatory affairs consulting”. That’s OK. Even though the monthly search volume is lower, that long-tail keyword does a better job of accurately describing your business, and it will attract more targeted traffic to your website…people who are more likely to become leads. Also, since fewer websites are competing for this type of long-tail keyword, it will be easier for it to rank high in the search engines.

2) Once several long-tail keywords have been identified, you can begin integrating them into your website and blog posts.

3) After updating your website and posting several blog articles containing the long-tail keywords, use marketing analytics to track the progress of these keywords and determine which long-tail keywords work best over time.

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