The use of social media marketing continues to grow in the life science space, and LinkedIn is one of the best social media resources available for life science companies. In this article I’m going to focus on using LinkedIn to generate leads for your life science company.

How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn.

Answer and Ask Questions on LinkedIn. Go to the “Answers” section in LinkedIn. Browse the New Questions From Your Network to look for relevant questions that you can answer given your expertise. For a more specific list of questions, also try a keyword search within “Answers” such as “CRO” or “medical device”. The search will populate a list of questions containing those keywords. Try asking questions too. You never know who you might meet that way.One of the additional perks of asking or answering a question is that it shows up in the Network Updates feed for all your connections. As you continue to answer questions and position yourself as an “expert” in the subject category, you will increase the chance that a prospect will contact you directly with a question. When you do answer a question, consider leaving a relevant link to a page or blog posts on your website…sending qualified traffic to your site.

Create a LinkedIn Group. Can you think of a group specific to your expertise that you can’t find on LinkedIn? If the answer is yes, why not create a group? It’s easy to set up. You can use the group to demonstrate thought leadership in your market. Then promote the group and grow the community while your asking and answering questions as mentioned above. Create a web page or blog for your this new group on your web site, giving participants an opportunity to engage in another medium while visiting your website.

Here’s a short list of examples of LinkedIn Groups in the life science space, courtesy of San Diego Biotechnology Network.


No. of Members

American Chemical Society 9,085
BIO International Convention 1,534
BIOCOM 1,299
Biospace 3,987
Biotech & Pharma Professionals Network 97,687
Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals 18,816
Drug Discovery 2.0 542
Life Science Talk 5,055
The Life Science Executive Exchange 14,716
Lifesciences Opportunities in US 29,762
LiMS forum – Laboratory Informatics Institute user’s group for LIMS, Scientific & Health Informatics 31,406
myBIO Community – Biotechnology connections 17,137
Pharmaceutical Jobs Biotech Life Sciences & Medical Devices 54,869
Professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry 64,471
San Diego Biotech Pharma Professional Social Network 1,299
San Diego Biotechnology Network 5,179
SoCal Science Cafe: Career Cafe 105


While you’re at it, make an effort to integrate your new LinkedIn Group into your other marketing efforts. Anytime you do a webinar or present at a thought leadership event, invite your audience to join your group. You can also notify all the members of your group about an upcoming promotion or event and drive them back to your site or blog to convert them into leads.

Use LinkedIn’s DirectAds. This feature allows you to advertise to LinkedIn subscribers targeted by profile demographic information. It’s very similar to ad targeting on Facebook.

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