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For those who are not so familiar with RSS (Really Simple Syndication), it can be used in medical device marketing to publish an “RSS Feed” of all your website content such as blog entries, news headlines, and video.  An RSS feed can benefit your business (medical device or any other) by letting you syndicate content automatically in a standardized format. Readers who want to review timely updates from your website or to aggregate content from many sites into one place can simply subscribe to the RSS feed from each site. The RSS feed for each website and all new content going forward is then sent to the reader in one place as it becomes available.

RSS Directories

When you create an RSS feed of your website content, you should also submit it to RSS directories. You can start attracting more targeted visitors to your site when other webmasters notice your feed on your website or in directories, subscribe to it, and start syndicating it on their websites. Readers who see your syndicated content on another website, and like it, will then have a reason to visit your website.


Here’s an example: start by visiting a web feed management provider like Create a feed of your blog. Then encourage visitors to subscribe to your feed by posting an RSS feed graphc (like the one pictured above) in an easy-to-find location such as being grouped together with your social media buttons. Then submit your feed to several directories like, and For more, check out Top 10 Free Blog Directories 2011.

You can check your new RSS feed (and others you subscribe to) with an online feed reader like Google Reader. Continue producing content that meets a need for your target market on a consistent basis and you are well on your way to getting more qualified prospects visiting your website.

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