twitterTwitter continues to offer an awesome value for biotech marketing. Whether you’re trying to build a targeted community, research the latest industry buzz, or check out what your competition is talking about…Twitter has you covered. In this article I’m going to focus on using Twitter to gather information about an individual, her company, and her industry. Let’s look at a few ideas for researching leads.


Let’s say you’re interested in a particular company and you’ve already visited the company profile on LinkedIn to identify a good contact to call on. While LinkedIn can provide basic business information about that person, Twitter can offer insights into your lead’s personal interests, business challenges, or whatever she’s tweeting about. You can leverage this information to further develop a connection.


Look for questions your lead is asking related to business challenges. Also, what questions has this person answered? What questions are other people from her company asking?

Industry buzz

What’s going on in your lead’s industry/market? Are there any trends that might help you relate and connect with this individual? What are people talking about? Any specific problems your company could solve?

twitter biotech


Also try doing a search for a competitor. The results will list any questions they’re asking and the people interacting with them.

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