Twitter is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a targeted community of followers for your biotechnology company.While connecting with large numbers of people on Facebook can be challenging, given the number of privacy features, information about Twitter accounts is open to the public, giving you a great opportunity to search and connect with a large number of people in your area of business.


Even though Twitter profiles are public, manually sifting through Twitter to find people in your area of business can be exhausting to say the least. However, there is a much easier and more efficient way to grow your targeted following on Twitter. Start by signing up for a free account with Twellow, an application designed to interact with your twitter account and “cut through the clutter” to help you target thought leaders, brands, organizations, etc. in your area of interest.

Next, log into your Twellow account and enter a keyword in the search box. For example, if I want to use Twitter for a biotechnology business, I might enter the term “biotech”. When I enter that search term, IRGnews is one of the first search result listed. IRGnews describes itself on Twitter as “Small & Micro-Cap News from the Investor Relations Group – Public Relations – Biotech/Specialty Pharma, Medical Device, Technology”. On the same page, Twellow shows you that IRGnews has 44,699 followers. If you then click on IRGnews, you see a profile that is broken down by categories such as “Biotechnology” (2,376 followers) and “Pharmaceuticals” (2,271 followers). Now you can begin following thousands of people who share one of these specific business interests with you…and this is just the first profile that came up on your search!


Don’t have time to follow thousands of people you say? I strongly recommend you automate that process by purchasing some automated twitter management software such as Tweet Adder or Hummingbird. Both are available for under $75. It is well worth the investment. I use Tweet Adder and am very happy with that product.

The software has simple, user-friendly tutorials that walk you through the process from basics to advanced functions. Be patient with the process and watch your social media marketing investment grow by leaps and bounds!

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