In my last article about Google AdWords, I reviewed how pay per click advertising works with Google and why this pay-for-performance model can benefit your life science marketing program. Now I’m going to talk about specific examples of when it is best to use Google AdWords in your marketing process.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with Google AdWords is a great option when you want to:

1. Promote an event or some other time-limited offer. For example, your company is hosting a webinar and you want to get the word out quickly using keywords specific to that event.

2. Boost your sales by generating a surge of traffic and leads as quickly as possible.

3. Target keywords with high difficulty score. Getting a good organic search ranking on Google for target keywords with high difficulty scores can take months or longer. You may not have that much time to wait for results.

4. Use data from your Google Adwords campaigns to refine your organic keywords…focusing on the ones that maximize your revenues. PPC campaigns can provide excellent data for this purpose.

However, effective organic traffic-building is still the best long-term strategy for companies wanting to show up on the first page for keyword searches. Why? Google AdWords campaigns only last for as long as you pay to run them, while organic traffic-building efforts will pay off for as long as the stuff you build remains out there on the Internet. In fact, the content and links you build for organic traffic get a higher search engine ranking the longer they’re out there. By content and links, I’m referring to content marketingSEO, and social media marketing. These efforts build the foundation for long-term, good quality organic traffic and leads for your website.

Any other good reasons when to use Google AdWords? Would welcome your comments 🙂

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