It’s no surprise that YouTube video content continues to be viewed like crazy. According to their own stats3 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each day…and 800M unique users visit each month. So what’s going on life science industry? Why have you been so slow to take advantage of this marketing opportunity? This article highlights 3 biotech marketing videos posted to YouTube during the last 2 weeks. I hope readers will invest about 7 minutes to watch these short (low budget) videos and develop some YouTube inspiration for their 2012 marketing plans.


AlloStim Treatment Vs. Mini-Transplant – Immunovative

Kudos to IMMUNOVATIVETHERAPY…3 videos on that channel!

Genomix Biotech

Turn up the bass for this one.

Angstom Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Short, simple, clear delivery.

These 3 videos may not be masterpieces, but they are providing a target audience with a form of content marketing that’s in high demand while driving additional traffic to the company website.

If you’re thinking of making a YouTube video, why not start simple? Make the story of your product or service into a helpful or entertaining thirty second video. Even if your video doesn’t turn into an overnight viral success story, by uploading your video to YouTube, you’re starting to advertise your content on one of the most high traffic websites on the Internet. Make sure to include your targeted key words in your title, description, and tags. At the end of your video, let people know where they can find more information like your website or blog URL.

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