Your life science marketing strategy would not be complete without YouTube. According to their own statistics, YouTube has 800 million unique users visits each month, nearly 17 million people have connected their YouTube account to at least one social service (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and YouTube is monetizing over 3 billion video views per week globally. Not to mention Google owns YouTube. Every business in the life science industry should have content in this space.

Good news…with all the options currently available from the comfort and convenience of your own computer, you can create your own video at little or no cost. Try recording a short, professional video of yourself in front of your computer, or try a screen cast using free technology such as Screenr. Of course, if you prefer to pay someone to do this for you, there are plenty of affordable options out there. Check out the Hubspot Service Marketplace.  All the video production folks on this site are also certified professionals in Inbound Marketing.

You could start by making the story of your business into a helpful or entertaining thirty second video. Even if your video doesn’t turn into an overnight viral success story, by uploading your video to YouTube, you’re utilizing content marketing on one of the most high traffic websites on the Internet. Make sure to include your targeted key words in your title, description, and tags. At the end of your video, let people know where they can find more information like your website or blog URL.

Solving a problem for your customer, together with a good call to action, is a process that can work effectively across all media, including YouTube.

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